TESTA gallery’s forthcoming exhibition will present rings by 16 jewelers, each of whom will show three to six pieces.
Participants: Angelina Tsvetkova, Antoaneta Petrova, Atanas Konstantinov, Bogdana Topreva, Vanya Dimitrova, Viktor Pavlov, Dimitar Deltchev, Dora Haralambaki, Evgeniya Tsankova, Emanuela Deyanova, Kalina Tchankova, Neva Balnikova, Nikolay Sardamov, Sabrina Hauser, Teodor Lultchev, Tsvetelina Aleksieva
The exhibition wil open on May 12th, Saturday, at TESTA gallery, 8 Shishman St, from 12 pm to 6 pm, and will run through May 27th.
Simply an adornment, vanity, or an object to wear with a specific message, the ring has the potential to say a lot of things. Inspired by different aspects of life and the world around us, it can show attitude and require attitude, express position, surprise and stimulate both the mind and the feelings. Used as a symbol of power, social status, or religion, in contemporary times the ring is to a greater extent an expression of one’s own identity. Regardless of whether it is made of silver, gold, platinum and precious stones or alternative materials used in unpredictable ways, the ring is eager to say: “I love you, I am beautiful, I am rich, I hate you, I come from Ireland or Austria, I have enough, I am taken, I am funny, I am scared, I am important, I can’t help you. I am.”

 The exhibition is part of the new concept of the gallery to present its artists in alternative social
spaces once a year.This year’s event will take place at Creative Inside. More than thirty of the gallery’s artists working in different areas – contemporary ceramics, sculpture, jewellery, and design – will participate in it.

GET EMOTIONAL jewellery exhibition - Testa Gallery

Participants: Angelina Tsvetkova , Antoaneta Ramdzhulska, Atanas Konstantinov , Dimitar Delchev , Evgeniya Tsankova , Isabell Schaupp, Lehmann & Schmedding, Marcella Ferretti, Melanie Nuetzel, Nikolay Sardamov, Vanya Dimitrova, Tsvetelina Aleksieva

The GET EMOTIONAL exhibition will take place as part of Sofia Design Week and is the first of a series of events and exhibitions which aim to present a new direction in the gallery’s concept – a space for contemporary art and design objects and jewellery.

The GET EMOTIONAL project’s goal is not only to show contemporary trends in this area, but also to present a piece of jewelley as an emotional object which in addition to reflecting identity can also create one.

Twelve artists take part in the exhibition, each of them with three to five pieces connected with a specific emotional state. The connection between the emotion and the object (piece of jewellery) will be shown through a special photo shoot( Irina Lazarova – stylist, Asen Ivanov – photographer).

In each of the twelve photographs (one for each artist) the human body is present only partially, it is the space which the object (piece of jewellery) transforms – when two types of matter have an encounter, one of them usually prevails: wearing a design, we often take its look and comply with its colours and form, thus submitting ourselves to it and embracing a new disposition and emotion.